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15 Unforgettable Places In New Jersey That Everyone Must Visit This Winter

Winter is almost over... but there's still some #familyfun to be had in the Garden State! 😃❄️

We've been swamped with snow, whether we like it or not. Now is the perfect time to visit these winter-friendly destinations.

2 days ago
How To Repair Or Replace Your Water Heater In New Jersey

Homeowners, here's a good #FYI: "Water heaters last an average of about 10 years, but there are cases of heaters lasting far longer and, unfortunately, far less. But before you order a replacement, ... See more

Weigh the pros and cons of a quick repair or full replacement.

4 days ago
Does Hard Water Affect Home Cooking? | Taste Insight

#Hardwater can cause changes in the taste and texture of the food you cook, especially when it comes to bread, pasta and rice. It all comes down to the #science of how chemicals in your #water ... See more

Hard water is filled with minerals and contaminants. Can these minerals affect your cooking? Yes. Find out the impact hard water has on your cooking.

1 week ago
How Reverse Osmosis Works

Ever wonder how Jayson can take smelly, chemical-filled #water from your tap and turn it into great-tasting, drinkable water through reverse osmosis? There's a science to it. Get reverse osmosis in ... See more

Turning saltwater into tasty, drinkable H20 at desalination plants like this one is probably the biggest selling point of reverse osmosis, but let's back up a minute. What's osmosis, and why -- and ... See more

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This Solar Device Converts Seawater to Drinking Water

Scientists who predict #cleanwater will get harder to find in areas hit hardest by #climatechange are developing innovative ways to convert sea #water to drinking water. In North and Central ... See more

Their device will produce enough high-quality potable water to cover a family's needs, at a cost of around $100.

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NJDEP-Parks and Forests-Centennial of NJ State Historic Site

With the 2020 election cycle in full swing, we thought it might be fun to check out New Jersey's presidential #history. Grover Cleveland was born in #Caldwell (you can visit his birthplace); and ... See more

Grover Cleveland’s birthplace was built in 1832 as the Manse, or Pastor’s residence, for the first Presbyterian Church at Caldwell. Cleveland’s father, the Reverend Richard Falley Cleveland, ... See more

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Water services company seeks a personable, well-spoken customer service person to schedule and dispatch technician and delivery services. Must be familiar with Northern and Central New Jersey ... See more

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Happy Valentine's Day from our family to yours! Providing residential and commercial #water softening, water purification and inground pool service to North and Central #NewJersey since 1936: ... See more

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Your Tap Water Might Be Causing Your Skin Breakouts and Acne – Here’s How – Times Square Chronicles

#Hardwater can cause you to break out. "The problem with hard #water is that its high mineral content can dehydrate the skin and disrupt the skin’s protective barrier. Consequently, the skin ... See more

When we experience skin irritations like acne and breakouts, we tend to rack our brains for the possible cause. We usually consider things like diet, stress, hormones, and other common factors. Heck, ... See more

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We're hiring pool and maintenance techs, with:

- valid driver's license
- clean driving record
- knowledge of pool pumps and filters
- ability to troubleshoot

Compensation based on experience to ... See more

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These 17 Romantic Spots In New Jersey Are Picture Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Did you make romantic plans in #NewJersey for #ValentinesDay? It might not be too late. Here are some #ideas. Enjoy this special day! 💞

From scenic state parks to spectacular restaurants, these stunning spots are overflowing with romance.

2 weeks ago

Do you have #hardwater AND home or appliance warranties? Hard #water damage to home systems might void your warranties. Be sure to read the fine print. Install a water softener in North or Central ... See more

3 weeks ago
Infused Water | Winter Edition

Keep drinking #water...all winter long! These #recipes for infused water work well for hydration and flavor if you start with purified water. Learn more about water purification for your home or ... See more

Infused Water = Winter Edition I love drinking water but sometime I need a little motivation to drink more of it. That’s when I like to infuse it with a combo of fruits, vegetables and herbs!…

3 weeks ago
New Jersey town keeps its water clean with the country’s largest floating solar system

Way to go, Sayerville, NJ, RETTEW and Solar Renewable Energy, LLC! #cleanwater #solarpower #environment #climatechange 🥳

Installing a floating solar system in the United States is still a novel effort. The first “floatovoltaic” array in the world was installed a decade ago at a California winery, but solar systems ... See more

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State Senate panel recommends changes to New Jersey’s water quality law

Concerned about #cleanwater in #NewJersey? So is our state Senate. "The (proposed) changes would include making #water companies submit more detailed plans for their upgrades. Other bills would ... See more

A state Senate panel has recommended that changes be made to New Jersey’s water quality law.