Water Pitcher Filters

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Water pitcher filters are another popular product for improving water quality and taste. While useful, they hold a very limited amount of water. Many people find them annoying to refill and store. Unlike custom water filtration systems, water filter pitchers only remove certain contaminants. Most important is that water pitcher filters do not solve source water problems as do whole house water filtration or water purification systems. One user of water purification equipment states on an online forum: “I found the whole pitcher thing to be expensive and an unnecessary pain. So I ended up buying an under-the-sink two-stage sediment GAC (Granulated Activated Charcoal) filter and never looked back. It’s quite a bit cheaper over time compared to a [filter pitcher brand name] type filter, the filters hardly ever need to be replaced (equals less trouble for you and less plastic waste overall) and you only need to open the little tap to have instant filtered water with no waiting for it to percolate into a pitcher.”