Icon showing outline illustration of water softening system tanks.

Water Softener and Softening Benefits

Water Softening: A water softening system corrects high mineral content in your water “hard water”. Eliminating hard water benefits you in a variety of ways. Some of these are shown below. The Jayson Company can recommend a water softening system tailored to your fix your specific hard water conditions.
How a Softener System Works: A water softener removes the excessive minerals in your water. Calcium and magnesium ions in the water are replaced with sodium ions produced from a mixture of water and salt. This salt solution becomes depleted as you use water throughout your home. The water softener system regenerates or replenishes the salt solution using salt crystals stored in the water softener tank.

Water Softener Sales and Installation

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Photo of a man holding up a clean, spot-free glass of water.
No more spots on glasses & cutlery.
Photo of bathtub drain with no more unsightly staining or mineral residue.
No more unsightly stains on fixtures.
Photo of woman admiring a glass shower door with no more soap film on the glass surface.
End soap film on glass surfaces.
Softened water can help provide soft, fluffy laundry with no mineral stains.
Soft, fluffy laundry with no mineral stains.
No mineral buildup on water faucets makes for beautiful, clean sinks.
Crusty mineral scales are a thing of the past.
Photo of a man easily soaping up his back in the shower due to soft water.
Easy soap & shampoo lather.
Photo of a shower head flowing freely with no more clogging due to hard water mineral buildup.
No more clogged fixtures & appliances.
Soft, silky hair & softer, moister skin being enjoyed by the woman in a photo, while in the shower.
Soft, silky hair & softer, moister skin.
Glass container of water with no cloudy mineral accumulation or buildup.
Clear, clean water house-wide.
Photo of a plumbing part with no mineral buildup.
Reduced mineral buildup in pipes.

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