Water Softeners & Softening Solutions

A water softener makes a daily difference by reducing or eliminating hard water.

A water softening system is a least costly and most effective way to end your hard water troubles. As a result, your water enters the water softener as hard water and comes out as “soft water.” Consequently, no more hard water stains. Also, no more scaly mineral deposits, scratchy laundry, spotted dishes, or foul odors.
How a Softener System Works
A water softener removes the excessive minerals in your water. Calcium and magnesium ions in the water are replaced with sodium ions, produced from a mixture of water and salt. You have a continual flow of water into your home or business, therefore the salt solution becomes depleted.
Regeneration of the Salt Solution
This is when the water softener system regenerates the supply of salt solution. This is done using the salt crystals stored in the water softener tank. This must be replenished periodically.
Purchase Your Water Softener Salt the Simple Way
The Jayson Company provides free delivery of every water softening salt order. Some water softener systems regenerate continually. Instead, our new, highly efficient water softening systems regenerate on demand, saving energy and salt.
Water Softening and Well Water
If you have well water, water softening may also be very important. Groundwater conditions may change over time. As a result, hard water, pollution or contamination can become a problem. It’s wise to periodically retest well water for hard water, impurities, and bacteria.
Private Well Testing
In fact, the Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) requires well water to be tested when selling or leasing a home or multi-unit dwelling with private well water.
The Jayson Company can help
Jayson will analyze your need and provide a free estimate for the water softening system that will ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency for your home or business.
Simply call 855-JAYSON1 (855-529-7661) or click to speak with us or to make an appointment. A Jayson specialist can help you decide the best water treatment system for your needs. Ask about our FREE hard water test.

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