Hard Water Problems

Hard water problems may appear rapidly or slowly over time. A household may suffer from one or many of the problems pictured below. This depends on the minerals and impurities present.
photo of badly spotted glasses in a dishwasher rack
Spots on dishes, glassware and silverware.
photo of badly stained bathtub and tile due to hard water deposits
Stains on tile, counters, fixtures and appliances.
photo of very cloudy film on glass washed in hard water
Cloudy film on glassware and silverware.
photo of odd stains on fresh laundry
Mysterious stains on laundry fresh from the wash.
photo of heavy mineral scale build-up on tub faucet
Hard mineral scale build-up on fixtures.
photo of heavy mineral build-up in water pipe
Mineral build-up in appliance and home pipes.
photo of extreme crusty mineral deposits in dishwasher
Crusty or slimy mineral deposits in dishwasher.
photo comparing hard water sample that resists lathering or creating suds with soap
Soap will not create lather or suds.
photo of leaking water heater due to accelerated corrosion
Water heater damage causing leaks.
photo of slimy and stained toilet bowl
Slime in bathroom toilet tank and toilet bowl.
photo of badly discolored water from iron deposits and sediment in water pipes
Iron deposits and sediment in water pipes.
photo of tub drain with soap scum residue
Soap scum residue and “ring-around-the-tub.”

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