New Jersey Water Softening FAQs

What is hard water?
The term “hard water” describes water, needing water softening, in which excessive levels of the naturally occurring minerals like calcium and magnesium are found. Hard water may also contain more obvious minerals like iron, which gives water a reddish color.
Why is hard water a problem?
Do you have dry skin, mineral scale and unexplained stains on bathroom fixtures, and water spots on shower doors, glassware and silverware? These are all indications of hard water. Hard water resists making soap suds and is harsh on your skin and scalp. It leaves stains and mineral buildup on fixtures, may cause stains on laundry, shortens the life of household plumbing and water-using appliances, makes cleaning and laundering tasks more difficult and gradually decreases the efficiency of water heaters.
Is hard water a common problem in New Jersey?
Hard water is a very common problem in New Jersey. It is found in most municipal and private wells in New Jersey, as well as in 85 percent of the United States.
How can hard water be fixed?
Hard water can be treated with a water softener – water softening systems work by removing certain the minerals found in your water, such as calcium, magnesium and iron, and replacing these “hard” mineral ions with “soft” ions such as sodium. Jayson’s system “softens” water by removing these minerals, and makes your entire water system more efficient and economical. A Jayson technician is always ready to explain how our systems work and present the options available to you. A Jayson Company water quality expert will visit to determine your needs and design the best system for you to either own or rent, as you prefer.
I need to bypass my home water conditioner. How can I do it?
There may be rare instances when bypassing the water conditioner is necessary. Here’s how to do it: 1. Close the two valves on the water line going in and out of the water conditioner control. 2. Open the valve on the bypass water line. 3. The bypass valve and water line cross the other two inlet and outlet water lines, and allows water to enter your home without first passing through the water conditioner.

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