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New Jersey's Premier Service Solution for Water Softening

A water softener from The Jayson Company can improve your quality of life — it’s easier on your skin, hair and laundry, suds easily, washes away soap residue and improves the function and life span of appliances.

shower fixtures last longer with soft water

Soft water saves money by increasing the efficiency and life span of fixtures and appliances.

soft water for easier washing

Hand washing in soft water is gentle to your skin.

New Jersey's Premier Service Solution for Water Softening

Water softeners dramatically improve water quality for every use and reduce mineral deposits in the pipes and appliances vital to every home, business and every water based manufacturing process. Water softeners are among the very best household energy savers.

A water softening system is the least costly and most effective way to end yourhard water troubles. Your water supply goes into the water softener as hard water and comes out as "soft water.” No more hard water stains, scaly mineral deposits, scratchy laundry, spotted dishes, or foul odors.

Many people try to live with hard water problems, but once they experience the benefits of water softening, they can't believe the difference. One of our customers said: “Our laundry is soft, showering feels 100% better and no more scraping that mineral buildup off my fixtures and shower door — I don’t know why I waited so long to call you. Thank you for this great water softener and the fast service. I tell my neighbors what are you waiting for?”

A water softener removes the excessive minerals in your water by replacing the calcium and magnesium ions in the water with sodium ions produced from a mixture of water and salt. You have a continual flow of water into your home or business, so as the salt solution is depleted, the water softener regenerates the supply of salt solution using salt that is stored in the water softener, which must be replaced periodically. The Jayson Company provides free delivery of every water softening salt order. Some water softeners regenerate continually, but our new, highly efficient water softening systems regenerate only on demand, saving energy and salt. The Jayson Company provides more than 75 years of water quality expertise and is an authorized 3M Water Dealer. We will analyze your need and provide a free estimate for the water softening system that will ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency for any home or business.

Simply call for your free appointment and we’ll help you decide the best water treatment system for your needs. Ask about our FREE water quality test.


The Jayson Company is an approved Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) vendor. We offer rental, lease or purchase of water conditioning equipment, and financing is available to qualified customers.

Independent study: Water softeners among ‘very best’ household energy savers

By eliminating scale buildup in pipes, soft water can help improve the efficiency of home appliances that use water, including water heaters, water and steam based heating systems, dishwashers, ice makers, coffee makers, steam irons and more.

Water softeners can save significant amounts of money and energy, a new study by the independent Battelle Institute revealed. The study was commissioned by the Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF). Water softeners help preserve the efficiency of water heaters and major appliances and keep showers and faucets unclogged, the report found. Battelle Memorial Institute is a renowned independent testing and research facility dedicated to applied science and technology development.

Some of the key findings of the study:

Showerheads and faucets:
Showerheads using soft water maintained a brilliant luster and full flow. Faucets using softened water performed well throughout the study; nearly as well as the day they were installed. Showerheads using hard water lost 75% of the flow rate in less than 18 months. Faucets using hard water could not maintain the specified 1.25 gallons per minute flow rate because of scale collection of the strainers. The strainers on the faucets using unsoftened water were almost completely plugged after 19 equivalent days of testing.

In the study, dishwashers and washing machines were operated for 30 days and 240 completed wash cycles on soft and hard water sources. The units using soft water were almost completely free of any water scale buildup. As the report states, they appeared as if they could be cleaned up to look like new with just a quick wipe down. The appearance of the inside of units using hard water showed the need for deliming and cleaning due to the buildup of mineral scale and deposits.

Gas water heaters:
Gas storage tank household water heaters operated on softened water maintained the original factory efficiency rating over a 15-year lifetime. On the other hand, hard water can lead to as much as a 48% loss of efficiency in water heaters. Each five grains per gallon of water hardness causes a 4% loss in efficiency and 4% increase in cost for gas storage tank water heaters when using 50 gallons of hot water per day. (On 30 gpg hard water, that’s 24% less efficient than with softened water.) Each five grains per gallon of hardness causes an 8% loss in efficiency and 8% increase in cost when using 100 gallons of hot water per day in a gas storage tank water heater. (On 30 gpg hard water, that’s 48% less efficient than with softened water.)

Electric water heaters:
Up to 30 pounds of calcium carbonate rocklike scale can accumulate in these heaters over time, according to the study. The life of the heating element will be shortened due to scale buildup because of increased operating temperature of the heating element.Also each five gpg of water hardness causes 0.4 pounds of scale accumulation each year in electric storage tank household water heaters. Such scale adversely affects the water heater’s performance. Battelle says in the electric storage water heaters operating on unsoftened water “the life of the heating element can be expected to shorten due to scale buildup increasing the operating temperature of the element.”

Tankless heaters:
Indoor instantaneous gas water heaters (tankless heaters) operated on softened water maintained the original factory efficiency rating over a 15-year lifetime.The study found that tankless water heaters completely failed to function because of scale plugging in the downstream plumbing after only 1.6 years of equivalent hot water use on 26 gpg hard water. Softened water saves 34% of costs compared to operating on 20 gpg and saves 47% compared to operation on 30 gpg hard water.


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Jayson is a 3M Authorized Water Dealer
Water Quality Expert

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is a not-for-profit association that provides public information about water treatment issues and also trains and certifies professionals to better serve consumers. WQA has more than 2,500 members internationally.

"Thank you for providing Steve to service my water softener earlier this week. He fixed the problem, and the salt is once again going through the machine. Also, he cleaned the outside of the tank, even though this had nothing to do with the problem, and it looks brand new! Then he took the extra time to explain all he did, and why. He is an excellent member of your staff. Best regards"
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"Jayson installed my water softener & they installed another zone for my air conditioning system. Overall, the experience has been excellent. Their prices are competitive. They are commendable!"
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